Friday, January 1, 2010

12th dec 2009 - the milk bottle

everybody has thier first something.....well this is the first for naomi!!! since the big milk dispenser is going back to work, naomi has to practise feeding from the bottle..
she was pretty hungry (as alsways) bottle feeding was a breeze for her. the lil t-rex did not put up any fuss!!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

The Drawing of the Father

Oswald Chambers: My Utmost for His Highest
Dec 22, 2009
The Drawing of the Father

No one can come to Me unless the Father who sent Me draws him . . . —John 6:44

When God begins to draw me to Himself, the problem of my will comes in immediately. Will I react positively to the truth that God has revealed? Will I come to Him? To discuss or deliberate over spiritual matters when God calls is inappropriate and disrespectful to Him. When God speaks, never discuss it with anyone as if to decide what your response may be (see Galatians 1:15-16 ). Belief is not the result of an intellectual act, but the result of an act of my will whereby I deliberately commit myself. But will I commit, placing myself completely and absolutely on God, and be willing to act solely on what He says? If I will, I will find that I am grounded on reality as certain as God’s throne.
In preaching the gospel, always focus on the matter of the will. Belief must come from the will to believe. There must be a surrender of the will, not a surrender to a persuasive or powerful argument. I must deliberately step out, placing my faith in God and in His truth. And I must place no confidence in my own works, but only in God. Trusting in my own mental understanding becomes a hindrance to complete trust in God. I must be willing to ignore and leave my feelings behind. I must will to believe. But this can never be accomplished without my forceful, determined effort to separate myself from my old ways of looking at things. I must surrender myself completely to God.
Everyone has been created with the ability to reach out beyond his own grasp. But it is God who draws me, and my relationship to Him in the first place is an inner, personal one, not an intellectual one. I come into the relationship through the miracle of God and through my own will to believe. Then I begin to get an intelligent appreciation and understanding of the wonder of the transformation in my life.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

some ameteur photos of lil t-rex

the difference

Spot the difference

Naomi at just a 2 weeks old....

Naomi at 5 weeks old........

the burping process

Conventional Ways of burping.....
...says that out of 3 methods, the two are:
1) having your 4 fingers on one cheek, while you thumb on the other cheek, while the other hand patting or gently rubbing the back to get the bubble of gas out of baby's little tummy. just like what is shown below.

2) or.....if that doesn't work, and the little one is still uncomfortable in the tummy, hold her up against your chest and gently pat her back to get the darn air bubble out to relieve the uncomfortable feeling......for the parents it probably would be more then just the baby's tummy...they would have to go tru the continuous cries of the poor child. and when the glorious burp do come out......every one is praising our Father in Heaven... in fact....we thank God more for a burp then anything else in the world!!!!

Naomi's way......
is not the conventional way....but rather a more comfortable modified way of the conventional way of burping...

the conventional way is way way way tooooo uncomfortable....let alone suffering the tummy ache!!! little t-rex wants us to spread our palm flat, so that she can rest her little head sideways, while she sleeps and wait for the burp to come out!!!!

what a genius!!! so small yet innovative...anything to get comfy!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

full moon

naomi at 1 month

one month, and with a very satisfied tummy!!!

at 7.30pm on 3rdDec, 4 little friends (cousins) came to celerate naomi's full moon.

Danielle, Debbie, Yohan and Little Enoch are naomi's bfs. ......welll at this point of time...the only friends! well....they all have something in common with naomi,.....when they see me, they have to get their tummies filled too!!!! look at the satisfied looks attheir angelic! after makan, all of them also turned to...........
THISSSSSSS............ GREMLINS everywhere!!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009


little t-rex smiles are like beautiful butterflies fluttering around but disappears fast!!!
however, one day while doing nothing but just staring at her, i managed to capture the different phases of naomi's facial expressions leading to a bawl (or rather a loud ROAR!!)

hmmm am soooooooo comfortable... this is wonderful!
how the cycle begins...........
phase 1

this is how little naomi looks before she think she is sleeping blissfully sound and will need another couple of hours of snoooooze! but you can think all you want.

phase 2
walah! she's awake....and mind you....this is after 2 microseconds of phase 1!!! the big yawn....shows she is still sleepy and she would just dose off after this yawn...but looks can be deceiving.

phase 3

Naomi realizes she is awake and awake in this really big unfamiliar world!!! she doesn't like it! the facial expression here is proportionate to the noise she is making, which is about 20-30 decibels.
phase 4

wait a minute...whose sitting in front of me and what's that contraption!!! T-rex realizes i am there with a camera in front of me....she stops to wonder.
phase 5

No....she decides she doesn't like this protruding object in front her....and she doesn't quite like the big world, i reckon..... the facial contortion her is still proportionate to the little roar.....hmmm about 50-100 dB.
phase 6
the roar changes exponentially to her crumpled face!!!!! this time it's probably 1000-5000 dB.....or so it sounds to anyone passing by!!!! naomi decides....she REALLY dislikes the situation she is in....and probably her tummy is growling at the same intensity as her vocal cords are!
the comfort phase

hmmmmm! yummy and she is really satisfied.......back to phase 1!

this is how t-rex looks after being satiated.